14 years in service

About Us

The first Nightlife Friend, Jón Kári Hilmarsson, has worked most of his life in the airline/travel business and has been guiding visiting businessmen and friends for years and decided to change this into a business.
"I live downtown Reykjavik and my friends kept sending their friends to me, and their friends also etc.
I have had experiences like this in my own travels. I have been to cities that I was completely lost in, when I was looking for place to party. But a year later I had friends there and I experienced the city again. It is very important to know someone who knows the ropes. It saves a lot of time and is so much easier."



The Nightlife Friends have been guiding in Reykjavik since 2001 and have since then started in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo and soon in more cities. The Nightlife Friends are locals, from different age groups, with different musical interests and speak several languages.


For booking and information info(at)nightlifefriend.is  or tel.: +354 822 6600.